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學歷 | Education

1992 B.S. Biology, Tunghai University (東海大學生物系 學士)

1994 M.S. Botany, National Chung Hsing University (國立中興大學 植物學研究所 碩士)

2002 Ph.D. Neuroscience, National Yang Ming University(國立陽明大學神經科學 博士)

現職 | Current Position

Associate Professor, Department of Life Science, National Chung Cheng University

國立中正大學 生命科學系 副教授

經歷 | Employment

2011/8-present Associate Professor, Department of Life Science, National Chung Cheng University.

國立中正大學 生命科學系 副教授

2003-2011 Assistant Professor, Department of Life Science, National Chung Cheng University.

國立中正大學 生命科學系 助理教授

2003/1-6 Distinguished Post-Doctoral Fellow, Institute of Molecular Biology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan.

中央研究院 分子生物學研究所 卓越博士後研究員

研究專長 | Professions

遺傳學 神經發育

Genetics, Neural development

榮譽獎項 | Honor




研究領域 | Research Background

神經發育學 ( Neural development) 、遺傳學 ( Genetics)

Nervous systems compose a vast array of neurons those differ in morphologies and functions. The mechanisms for controlling the neural development are not fully understood. The Drosophila nervous system is well characterized in the cellular number and morphology. My future work is to use this system to carry out two genetic screenings to identify novel genes regulating the neuronal genesis and morphogenesis.


* 訊息傳遞鏈網路 (Network of signal pathways)

Story of freaky eye (fee)

We identified a new Lobe hypomorphic allele, Lfee(Lfreaky eye). Our study revealed that reduction of the Drosophila PRAS40 Lresults in hypoactivation of TORC1 signaling. This leads to apoptosis and ectopic Jak/STAT activation, both of contribute to disruption of eye development. Our data indicate that TORC1 signaling is able to regulate the expression and functions of the Jak/STAT signal pathway during eye development. Further studies using L mutants may uncover the mechanisms by which L regulates TORC1 signaling, and how TOR controls the Jak/STAT signal pathways. Also noteworthy is the report that decreasing PRAS40 can increase apoptosis of tumor cells, and it is therefore of interest to investigate whether PRAS40 and TORC1 can regulate the Jak/STAT signal pathway in tumors.

我們實驗室找到一個新的Lobe基因的弱顯性(hypomorphic)突變果蠅株-Lfreaky eye,由於該果蠅株的眼睛常伴隨著不同程度的缺陷,故命名為freaky eye,意指多變的眼睛。Lobe基因是人類PRAS40的同源蛋白,目前並不知道當PRAS40表現量下降時,對人體會造成什麼樣的影響。我們實驗室證實:當Lobe基因表現量減少時,會導致TORC1訊息路徑的活性下降、部分細胞凋亡、及Jak-STAT訊息路徑的活性異常表達。過去已知許多腫瘤的形成與TORC1及Jak-STAT訊息路徑的活性調控異常有關,細胞凋亡亦是在腫瘤形成過程中常見的現象,故我們可以利用Lfreaky eye作為研究工具,藉此瞭解TORC1及Jak-STAT訊息路徑的網路,及其在腫瘤發生中所扮演的角色。

論文與著作 | Publication

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Conference papers

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研究計畫 | Research funding

國科會 92-2321-B-194-002- unzipped在果蠅神經發育中之功能分析 (2003/12 ~ 2004/07)

國科會 93-2311-B-194-001- 決定果蠅周圍神經突生長點之機制的研究 (2004/08 ~ 2005/07)

國科會 94-2311-B-194-004- Wnt訊息路徑之新調節分子的研究 (2005/08 ~ 2006/07)

國科會 95-2311-B-194-001- MY3 Molecular mechanism of cell polarity and morphogenesis in Drosophila (2006/08 ~ 2009/07)

國科會 98-2311-B-194-002- 過度活化之TOR訊息造成果蠅眼睛受損的機制 (2009/08 ~ 2010/07)

國科會99-2311-B-194-001-MY3果蠅眼睛發育中TOR對Jak/STAT訊息路徑的調控機制 (2010/08~2013/07)