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Ming-Lang Huang



 Tel: (05)2720411 ext. Office 66502 Lab 61515

 Fax: (05)2722871

 Email: biomlh@ccu.edu.tw

  • 1992 B.S. Biology, Tunghai University (東海大學生物系 學士)
  • 1994 M.S. Botany, National Chung Hsing University (國立中興大學 植物學研究所 碩士)
  • 2002 Ph.D. Neuroscience, National Yang Ming University(國立陽明大學神經科學 博士)

Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences, National Chung Cheng University

  • 2011/8 - present Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences, National Chung Cheng University(國立中正大學生物醫學科學系 副教授)
  • 2003/8- 2011/7 Assistant Professor, Department of Life Science, National Chung Cheng University.(國立中正大學生命科學系 助理教授)
  • 2003/1-6 Distinguished Post-Doctoral Fellow, Institute of Molecular Biology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan.(中央研究院分子生物學研究所 卓越博士後研究員)
  • Genetics(遺傳學)
  • Neural development(神經發育學)
  • 2000:Award of excellent Ph.D. thesis sponsored by Dr. Chien-Tien Hsu in CSCMB The 8th Symposium on Recent Advances in Cellular and Molecular Biology.(第八屆細胞及分子生物新知研討會,徐千田優秀論文獎第一名)
  • 1999:Outstanding Poster Award in CSCMB The 7th Symposium on Recent Advances in Cellular and Molecular Biology.(第七屆細胞及分子生物新知研討會,優秀壁報獎)
  • 1998:Poster Award in CSCMB The 6th Symposium on Recent Advances in Cellular and Molecular Biology. (第六屆細胞及分子生物新知研討會,優秀壁報獎佳作)

The story of Kuduk

The human transmembrane protein TMEM258 is a component of the evolutionarily conserved oligosaccharyltransferase (OST) complexes, which are essential for N-linked protein glycosylation. Aberrant TMEM258 expression is associated with spinocerebellar ataxia type 20 and inflammatory bowel diseases. We previously identified the Drosophila ortholog Kuduk (Kud) and found that Kud modulates the nuclear envelope architecture and autophagy. Interestingly, we found that Kud can localize not only at endoplasmic reticulum where OST-mediated glycosylation occurs, but also at the nuclear envelope and unidentified cytoplasmic puncta. The observation suggests that Kud exhibits OST-independent functions. Our study will provide the knowledge not only for the molecular functions of Kud, but also for the pathogenesis of the diseases associated with TMEM258.


Neural development

Dendrites are cell-specific characteristics of neurons, and are critical to receive stimulations from upstream neurons or the environment. Aberrant dendritic morphologies impair neuronal circuits and are correlated with neurological and neurodevelopmental disorders. The knowledge of mechanisms for controlling the dendrite pattering remains largely unclear. The Drosophila nervous system is well characterized in the cellular number and morphology. We aim to use Drosophila as a platform to carry out genetic screenings to study the cellular machineries for dendrite morphogenesis.


  • 國科會 92-2321-B-194-002- unzipped在果蠅神經發育中之功能分析 (2003/12 ~ 2004/07)
  • 國科會 93-2311-B-194-001- 決定果蠅周圍神經突生長點之機制的研究 (2004/08 ~ 2005/07)
  • 國科會 94-2311-B-194-004- Wnt訊息路徑之新調節分子的研究 (2005/08 ~ 2006/07)
  • 國科會 95-2311-B-194-001- MY3 Molecular mechanism of cell polarity and morphogenesis in Drosophila (2006/08 ~ 2009/07)
  • 國科會 98-2311-B-194-002- 過度活化之TOR訊息造成果蠅眼睛受損的機制 (2009/08 ~ 2010/07)
  • 國科會99-2311-B-194-001-MY3果蠅眼睛發育中TOR對Jak/STAT訊息路徑的調控機制 (2010/08~2013/07)
  • 國科會 102-2311-B-194 -002 - 一個新核膜蛋白的生物功能與機制 (2013/08~2014/07)
  • 科技部 103-2311-B-194 -001 -MY3 一個新的、座落在核膜及高基氏體之蛋白質的鑑識與功能分析 (2014/08~2017/07)
  • 科技部 103-2745-B-001 -001 -ASP 神經元樹突內的細胞作用機制(1/5) (2014/08~2015/07)
  • 科技部 104-2745-B-001 -001 -ASP 神經元樹突內的細胞作用機制(2/5) (2015/08~2016/07)
  • 科技部 105-2745-B-001 -001 -ASP 神經元樹突內的細胞作用機制(3/5) (2016/08~2017/07)
  • 科技部 107-2745-B-001 -001 -ASP 神經元樹突內的細胞作用機制(5/5) (2018/08~2019/07)
  • 科技部 107-2311-B-194 -001 - 細胞自噬作用內之新跨膜蛋白Kuduk/TMEM258的分子機制 (2018/08~2019/10)
  • 科技部 108-2311-B-194 -001 - 寡醣轉移酶複合體的次單元Kud/TMEM258調控細胞自噬作用之機制 (2019/08~2020/10)
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