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Weng Ching Chieh

Ching-Chieh Weng

Contact information 聯絡資訊

 Tel: (05)2720411 ext. Office 66501 Lab 61511

 Fax: (05)2722871

 Email: bioccw@ccu.edu.tw

Academic qualification 學歷

2012 - 2018   Ph.D. in Biomedical Science Institute, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan

Working Experience 經歷

2018/8 - 2021/7   Postdoctoral Fellow for Institute of Biomedical Science, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan

Research interest 研究興趣
  • The role of autophagy in pancreatic cancer development and response to therapy
  • Target therapy for pancreatic tumor desmoplasia by using pancreatic cancer mouse models
Research expertise 研究專長
  • Transgenic mice (pancreatic adenocarcinoma, colorectal cancer)
  • Cancer stem cell
  • Cancer cell biology
  • Stem cell
Awards 榮譽獎項
  • 2012 Outstanding paper award (27th JACBS), Taiwan
  • 2015 Outstanding paper award (30th JACBS), Taiwan
  • 2018 Best Poster Award (15th SFB), Taiwan
  • 2018 Best Poster Award (11th Cell Tissue Science), Japan
  • 2018 國立中山大學106 學年度博士研究生優秀畢業論文獎 (NSYSU), Taiwan
  • 2020 2020 博士後研究人員學術研究獎 (MOST), Taiwan
Publications 論文與著作
  1. Ching-Chieh Weng, Yu-Chun Lin, Kuang-Hung Cheng (2019, Sep). The Use of Genetically Engineered Mouse Models for Studying the Function of Mutated Driver Genes in Pancreatic Cancer. Journal of Clinical Medicine
  2. Ching-Chieh Weng, Mei-Jen Hsieh, Chia-Chen Wu, Yu-Chun Lin, Yan-Shen Shan, Wen-Chun Hung, Li-Tzong Chen and Kuang-Hung Cheng* (2019, May). Loss of the transcriptional repressor TGIF1 results in enhanced Kras-driven development of pancreatic cancer. Molecular Cancer.
  3. Ching-Chieh Weng, Pei-Ya Ding, Yu-Hsuan Liu, John R. Hawse, Malayannan Subramaniam, Chia-Chen Wu, Yu-Chun Lin, Chiao-Yun Chen, Wen-Chun Hung, Kuang-Hung Cheng (2018, Nov). Mutant Kras-induced upregulation of CD24 enhances prostate cancer stemness and bone metastasis.Oncogene.
  4. Ching-Chieh Weng, John R. Hawse, Malayannan Subramaniam , Vincent H.S. Chang, Winston C.Y. Yu, Wen-Chun Hung, Li-Tzong Chen, Kuang-Hung Cheng (2017, Jan). KLF10 loss in the pancreas provokes activation of SDF-1 and induces distant metastases of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma in the KrasG12D p53flox/flox model.Oncogene36, 5532–5543.
  5. Weng, C-C., K-K Kuo, H-T. Su, P-J Hsiao, Y-W Chen, D-C Wu, W-C. Hung, K- H Cheng (2016, May). Pancreatic tumor progression associated with CD133 overexpression: involvement of increased TERT expression and EGFR-dependent Akt Activation.Pancreas,45(3):443-57.
  6. Kuo, T-L.,C-C Weng, K-K Kuo, C-Y Chen, D- C Wu, W-C Hung, K- H Cheng (2016, Apr). APC haploinsufficiency coupled with P53 loss is sufficient to induce mucinous cystic neoplasms and invasive pancreatic carcinoma in mice. Oncogene, Apr 28;35(17):2223-34.
  7. K-K. Kuo, S-F Jian, Y-J Li, S-W Wan,C-C Weng, K T Fang, D-C Wu and K- H Cheng (2015, Jul). Epigenetic Inactivation of TGFbeta1 Target Gene HEYL, a Novel Tumor Suppressor, Involved in the P53 Induced Apoptotic Pathway in Hepatocellular Carcinoma.Hepatology Research, Jul;45(7):782-93.
  8. Shu-Fang Jian, Chang-Chun Hsiao, Shin-Yi Chen, Ching-Chieh Weng, Tzu-Lei Kuo, Deng-Chyang Wu, Wen-Chun Hung and Kuang-Hung Cheng (2014, Apr). Utilization of Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Analyses to Identify LKB1-APC Interaction in Modulating Wnt/β-Catenin Pathway of Lung Cancer Cells.Molecular Cancer Research,2014 Apr;12(4):622-35.
  9. Yu-Wen Chen, Pi-Jung Hsiao,Ching-Chieh Weng, Kung-Kai Kuo, Tzu-Lei Kuo, Deng-Chyang Wu, Wen-Chun Hung, Kuang-Hung Cheng (2014, Apr). SMAD4 Loss Triggers the Phenotypic Changes of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Cells.BMC Cancer, 2014 March 14; 14(1) 181-188.
  10. Pei-Chen Wang+,Ching-Chieh Weng+, You-Syuan Hou, Shu-Fang Jian, Kuan- Te Fang , Ming-Feng Hou and Kuang-Hung Cheng (2014, Feb). Activation of VCAM-1 and Its Associated Molecule CD44 Leads to Increased Malignant Potential of Breast Cancer Cells. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2014, 15(3), 3560-3579.
  11. Huei-Ting Su*,Ching-Chieh Weng*, Pi-Jung Hsiao, Li-Hua Chen, Tzu-Lei Kuo, Yu-Wen Chen, Kung-Kai Kuo and Kuang-Hung Cheng (2013, Jul). Stem Cell Marker Nestin Is Critical for TGF-β1-Mediated Tumor Progression in Pancreatic Cancer. Molecular Cancer Research, 11(7) July 2013.
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