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2023-09-15 碩二進度報告 Fucoxanthin suppresses oral squamous cell carcinoma via mitochondrion-dependent apoptotic signaling pathway 黃國瑋
2023-09-15 碩二進度報告 Production of monoclone-like polyclonal antibodies against CXCR3 and CXCL10 for academic study and clinical treating of vitiligo by LAE technology 柯劭儒
2023-09-15 碩二進度報告 Role of STK26-Mediated chemoresistance through anti-Ferroptosis pathway of pancreatic cancer to Gemcitabine. 王筱菁
2023-09-22 碩二進度報告 Immunomodulation and mechanisms of oral commensal,Haemophilus parainfluenzae in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis 董佳妮
2023-09-22 碩二進度報告 Purification of Haemophilus parainfluenzae lipopolysaccharide fractions regulating antigen-presenting cells in primary Sjogren's disease 王信翔
2023-09-22 碩二進度報告 To investigate the role of phostensin/PP1 complex in dephosphorylation of the PKC-phosphorylated Rab11a 陳品辰
2023-10-13 EP1 activation inhibits doxorubicin-cardiomyocyte ferroptosis via Nrf2 黃國瑋
2023-10-13 Elevated FSP1 protects KRAS-mutated cells from ferroptosis during tumor initiation 王筱菁
2023-10-20 Th1-like Treg in vitiligo: An incompetent regulator in immune tolerance 柯劭儒
2023-10-20 Intestinal epithelial HDAC3 and MHC class II coordinate microbiota-specific immunity 陳真妃
2023-11-10 Microglial expression of CD83 governs cellular activation and restrains neuroinflammation in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis 董佳妮
2023-11-10 Hyperphosphorylated tau self-assembles into amorphous aggregates eliciting TLR4-dependent responses 陳品辰
2023-11-17 Fusobacterium Nucleatum Promotes the Development of Colorectal Cancer by Activating a Cytochrome P450/Epoxyoctadecenoic Acid Axis via TLR4/Keap1/NRF2 Signaling 邱偉華
2023-11-17 Fusobacterium Nucleatum Generation of functional oocytes from male mice in vitro 李峻愷
2023-11-24 Acute sleep deprivation exacerbates systemic inflammation and psychiatry disorders through gut microbiota dysbiosis and disruption of circadian rhythms 黃敬棠
2023-11-24 Mitochondrial Calcium Uniporter Drives Metastasis and Confers a Targetable Cystine Dependency in Pancreatic Cancer 林宜蓁
2023-12-01 CDC20 Is Regulated by the Histone Methyltransferase, KMT5A, in Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer 張恩承


報告日期 報告題目 報告人 
2023-09-15 碩二進度報告Verification of Fusobacterium nucleatum-induced change in gene expression and cell mobility using an in vitro cell-microbe system 王秋子
2023-09-15 碩二進度報告 Retroviral replicating vector mediated dual suicide gene transfer enhances antitumor effects in an animal glioma model 劭珮荃
2023-09-15 碩二進度報告 In vitro developments of early diagnosis by radioactive isotope labeled targeting peptides 唐詩涵
2023-09-22 碩二進度報告Using a pancreatic organoid model to study the action of Neurogenin3 during endocrine differentiation 陳恩汝
2023-09-22 碩二進度報告Hyaluronic acid targeting chemodynamic therapy using acid-responsed doxorubicin-loaded hydrogen peroxide self-supplying copper nanodots against lung cancer 張程智
2023-09-22 碩二進度報告Investigation of the biochemical activity of Peptidyl arginine deiminase 4(PADI4)-citrullinated Ubiquitin-specific peptidase 15(USP15) 劉凡瑀
2023-10-13 Mutational analysis of microsatellite-stable gastrointestinal cancer with high tumour mutational burden: a retrospective cohort study 王秋子
2023-10-13 A robust protein-peptide co-assembling nanoformulation (PePCAN) platform with significant cell-entry characteristics for targeted cancer therapy 唐詩涵
2023-10-20 Direct reprogramming of human fibroblasts into insulinproducing cells using transcription factor 劉恩汝
2023-10-20 A responsive microneedle system for efficient anti-melanoma by combining self-enhanced chemodynamic therapy with photothermal therapy 張程智
2023-11-17 Cholinergic dysfunction-induced insufficient activation of alpha7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor drives the development of rheumatoid arthritis through promoting protein citrullination via the SP3/PAD4 pathway 劉凡瑀
2023-11-17 Fanzor is a eukaryotic programmable RNA-guided endonuclease 洪永豪
2023-11-17 Engineered biomimetic nanoparticles achieve targeted delivery and efficient metabolism-based synergistic therapy against glioblastoma 邵佩荃
2023-11-24 Genotype-first approach to identify associations between CDH1 germline variants and cancer phenotypes: a multicentre study by the European Reference Network on Genetic Tumour Risk Syndromes 劉玟均
2023-11-24 An EGFR/HRE2-targeted conjugate sensitizes gemcitabine-sensitive and resistant pancreatic cancer through different SMAD4-mediated mechanism 陳玉蕙
2023-12-01 Multi-cancer early detection test in symptomatic patients referred for cancer investigation in England and Wales (SYMPLIFY): a large-scale, observational cohort study 宋富群
2023-12-08 Cooperative sensing of mitochondrial DNA by ZBP1 and cGAS promotes cardiotoxicity 徐伯彦


報告日期 報告題目 報告人 
2023-09-15 碩二進度報告 Functional Investigation of Circular RNA in Albuminuria-Induced Inflammatory Response 陳佩君
2023-09-15 碩二進度報告 Identification and functional characterization of transcript variation changed by JAK2V617F mutation in myeloproliferative neoplasms. 黃仁均
2023-09-15 碩二進度報告 Harnessing SYTL3 to boost anti-tumor immune response in gastric cancer 劉潔婷
2023-09-22 碩二進度報告Functional characterization of the SARS-Cov-2 replicon suppressed piRNAs and down-stream transposal element governed transcriptional variants 吳羽涵
2023-09-22 碩二進度報告Investigation of STK24-mediated chemoresistance in colorectal cancer cells to 5-Fluorouracil 劉禮婷
2023-10-13 circFBXO7/miR-96-5p/MTSS1 axis is an important regulator in the Wnt signaling pathway in ovarian cancer 陳佩君
2023-10-13 Retrotransposons hijack alt-EJ for DNA replication and eccDNA biogenesis 吳羽涵
2023-10-20 Fanconi anemia DNA crosslink repair factors protect against LINE-1 retrotransposition during mouse development 黃仁均
2023-11-10 Regulatory circuits of mitophagy restrict distinct modes of cell death during memory CD8+ T cell formation 劉潔婷
2023-11-10 The cholesterol uptake regulator PCSK9 promotes and is a therapeutic target in APC/KRAS-mutant colorectal cancer 劉禮婷
2023-11-17 A symbiotic physical niche in Drosophila melanogaster regulates stable association of a multi-species gut microbiota 邱暐翔
2023-11-17 Dynamic partitioning of branched-chain amino acids-derived nitrogen supports renal cancer progression 王祥宇
2023-11-24 IGFBP2 secretion by mammary adipocytes limits breast cancer invasion 黃珮甄
2023-11-24 Assembling synergistic peptide-drug conjugates for dual-targeted treatment of cancer metastasis 李冠霆
2023-12-01 SaeR as a novel target for antivirulence therapy against Staphylococcus aureus 黃一喜
2023-12-08 A draft human pangenome reference Staphylococcus aureus 郭玟伶